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Welcome to Awesome Sauce Derby!


My name is Awesome Sauce and this is my blog!

Who Is Awesome Sauce?

awesome-sauceI am Awesome Sauce…but you can just call me Awesome, or Sauce for short. I am a league member with San Diego Roller Derby, and I have been skating since 2011 and coaching since 2012. I started my roller derby career as a referee and quickly fell in love with jam refereeing on the banked track. This naturally lead into a love for developing and coaching agility, speed and of course, ENDURANCE!

Prior to roller derby I would never have described myself as the athletic type (is pudgy a type?), but roller derby has sparked a fitness fire inside me. My passion now lies in becoming the best bouting skater I can be and helping those new to roller derby do the same by unlocking their inner athlete. My coaching style is packed with lots of “unusual” and hilarious visualizations and I hope that my enthusiasm for teaching and roller derby will keep you engaged while still pushing you to your limits.

Why Start a Derby Blog?

Why not? No seriously it’s very simple – because I love roller derby and I love coaching. As I mentioned above I’m not the most athletic person and my learning curve for mastering new skills is just about the steepest I’ve encountered. Probably because I’m such a slow learner I get a lot of satisfaction when I can convey the same skill to another athlete who can pick it up and fly with it. There isn’t anything better to me than seeing a skater happy with their progression at the end of a coaching session – and dripping in sweat. 😉

Expectations of Awesome Sauce

Awesome Sauce Logo LargeI hope that this blog will become a place for me to share with you ALL of my derby related knowledge. Like a huge brain dump of all that is derby, I will be sharing everything I know, including:

  • Training
  • Communication
  • Strategy
  • Rules and what they actually look like in gameplay
  • Injury prevention
  • Coming back from injury
  • Nutrition
  • Survival guides
  • Coaching tips
  • Skate maintenance
  • Derby “fashion” – DIY helmets, how-to all the sock things, and other crafts
  • Other random derby stuff

All coming soon, thanks for reading!

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